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Autor: William Feller
ISBN-13: 9783319172460
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Volume I.-
Preface.-Curriculum Vitae: William Feller 1906-1970.- Bibliography of William Feller.- List of PhD Students.- Z.W. Birnbaum (ed.): William Feller, 1906-1970. - J. Doob: William Feller and Twentieth-Century Probability.- M. Kac: William Feller - In Memoriam.- R. L. Schilling and W. A. Woyczy nski: William Feller. A Biograph.- H. Fischer: Feller's EarlyWork on Measure Theory and Mathematical Foundations of Probability.- H. Fischer: Feller's EarlyWork on Limit Theorems.- E. Scholz: Feller and Busemann on Surface Theory- Contributions to Geometry. - Selected Papers of William Feller.
Volume II.-
Preface. - Curriculum Vitae: William Feller 1906-1970.- Bibliography ofWilliam Feller. - PhD Students of William Feller. - R. L. Schilling and W. A. Woyczy nski: William Feller. A Biography. - E. Baake and A. Wakolbinger: Feller's Contributions to Mathematical Biology.- N. Jacob: Feller on Differential Operators and Semi-groups. - M. Fukushima: Feller's Contributions to the One-Dimensional Diffusion Theory and Beyond.- G. Peskir: On Boundary Behaviour of One-Dimensional Diffusions: From Brown to Feller and Beyond. - R. Maller: Feller's Work in Renewal Theory, the Law of the Iterated Logarithm and Karamata Theory. - Selected Papers of William Feller.
This extensive selection of William Feller's scientific papers shows the breadth of his oeuvre as well as the historical development of his scientific interests. Six seminal papers - originally written in German - on the central limit theorem, the law of large numbers, the foundations of probability theory, stochastic processes and mathematical biology are now, for the first time, available in English. The material is accompanied by detailed scholarly comments on Feller's work and its impact, a complete bibliography, a list of his PhD students as well as a biographic sketch of his life with a sample of pictures from Feller's family album. Volume I covers the early years 1928-1949, featuring the celebrated Lindeberg-Feller Central Limit Theorem, while Volume II contains papers from 1950-1971 when the theory of Feller processes and boundaries had been developed.
William Feller was one of the leading mathematicians in the development of probability theory in the 20th century. His work continues to be highly influential, in particular in the theory of stochastic processes, limit theorems and applications of mathematics to biology. These volumes will be of value to all those interested in probability theory, analysis, mathematical biology and the history of mathematics.
Autor: William Feller
ISBN-13:: 9783319172460
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Gewicht: 3070g
Seiten: 1530
Sprache: Englisch
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