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Handbook of the Sociology of Sexualities

Handbooks of Sociology and Social Research
Chapter 1. Introduction; John DeLamater and Rebecca F. Plante.- Part I. Theories.- Chapter 2. Sexual Script Theory: Past, Present, and Future; Michael Wiederman.- Chapter 3. Sexual Fields; Adam Isaiah Green.- Chapter 4. Macro theory in Sexual Science; Ira L. Reiss.- Chapter 5. Studying Sexualities from a Life course Perspective; Laura Carpenter.- Part II. Methods.- Chapter 6. Surveying Sexualities: Minimizing Survey Error in the Study of Sexuality; Anthony Paik.- Chapter 7. Ethnography in a ''Sex Setting'': Doing Research in a New Zealand Massage Parlour; María Pérez-Pérez.- Chapter 8. Observational Methods in Sexuality Research; Kate Frank.- Part III. Bodies and Sexuality.- Chapter 9. Unpacking Sexual Embodiment and Embodied Resistance; Breanne Fahs and Eric Swank.- Chapter 10. Missing Intersections: Contemporary Examinations of Sexuality and Disability; Amanda Jungels and Alexis Bender.- Chapter 11. Trans Sexualities; Aaron Devor and Kimi Dominic.- Chapter 12. Casual Sex: Integrating Social, Behavioral, and Sexual Health Research; Justin R. Garcia, Susan Seibold-Simpson, Sean G. Massey, and Ann M. Merriwether.- Chapter 13. Consensual Non-Monogamies in Industrialized Nations; Elizabeth Sheff and Megan Tesene.- Chapter 14. Sexuality in Long-Term Relationships; Amy Lodge.- Chapter 15. Intersectionality: Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Class; Angelique Harris and Susannah Bartlow.- Chapter 16. Asexualities; Carol Haefner and Rebecca F. Plante.- Chapter 17. Cities and Sexualiries; Phil Hubbard, Andrew Gorman Murray and Catharine J. Nash.- Chapter 18. The Queer Metropolis; Amin Ghaziani.- Part V. Sexualities in Institutional Context.- Chapter 19. The Family in Flux: Changing Sexual and Reproductive Practices; Lauren Jade Martin.- Chapter 20. Understanding Religious Variations in Sexuality and Sexual Health; Amy Burdette, Terrence D. Hill and Kyl Myers.- Chapter 21. Sexuality and Education: Toward the Promise of Ambiguity; Jessica Fields, Jen Gilbert and Michell Miller.- Chapter 22. Sex Work; Susan Dewey.- Chapter 23. Pornography; Kassia Wosick.- Chapter 24. The Medicalization of Sexual Deviance, Reproduction, and Functioning; Thea Cacchioni.- Chapter 25. Sexualities and Social Movements: Three Decades of Sex and Social Change; Amy Stone and Jill. D. Weinberg.
This volume provides researchers and scholars with a broad overview of the contributions of social psychologists and sociologists to the study of sexual relationships and sexual expression across the life course. These contributions include analyses of the dynamics of several types of contemporary sexual relationships - e.g., short-term, long-term non-exclusive, and committed. Chapters analyze the influence of major social institutions - e.g., religion, family and economy - on them. The content and scope of this volume have been carefully chosen to balance coverage of traditional emphases - dating, marriage, commercial sex work, sex education - with new and cutting edge materials - embodiment, Trans , asexualities. Sections review major theoretical perspectives and the principal research methods. Coverage of sexual orientation is integrated throughout. This volume provides excellent resources for anyone interested in research on sexualities.
Editiert von: John DeLamater, Rebecca F. Plante
John DeLamater brings a broad, biopsychosocial perspective to the study of sexuality through the life course. His recent work has focused on changes in sexual functioning associated with age. He has published papers on sexual desire and sexual behavior in persons aged 45 to 75+ and a paper on sexual satisfaction using data from the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study (ages 62-67). His recent work considers influences on frequency of sexual activity and cessation of sexual activity among persons 57 to 85. A major review and synthesis of research on sexuality in later life appears in the Annual Review of Sex Research, 2012. He co-edited Sex for Life: From virginity to Viagra, how sexuality changes throughout our lives, NYU press. DeLamater was awarded the Alfred E. Kinsey Award for Distinguished Contributions to the field of sex research by the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality. He is the co-author of a primary text in social psychology, and another on sexuality.Rebecca F. Plante is Associate Professor of Sociology at Ithaca College, where she teaches courses on gender, sexualities, and sexual selves. She uses intersectionalities and qualitative methods to study hooking up and college campus sexual climate change; online dating, sexuality, and intimacy among U.S. adults; the concept of positive sexual reputations; and a sociology of sexual ethics. Her books include Sexualities in Context: A Social Perspective (2e), (Routledge, forthcoming) and Doing Gender Diversity: Readings in Theory and Real-World Experience (with L. M. Maurer, Westview, 2010). Her writing has been published and reprinted in journals, books, and undergraduate course books. Plante has been a keynote and invited speaker at conferences and was featured in the documentary "Nameless" (about millennials). She has been quoted in media as diverse as Cosmopolitan magazine, Men's Health (online), Curve, and She has also done radio and television interviews about sexuality, young adults, and relationships.
Autor: John DeLamater
ISBN-13:: 9783319173405
ISBN: 3319173405
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