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Autor: Carlos M. Muñoz-Suárez
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Content and Consciousness Revisited

.7, Studies in Brain and Mind
With Replies by Daniel Dennett
Acknowledgments; Carlos Muñoz-Suárez & Felipe De Brigard.- Foreword; Daniel Dennett.- Chapter 1. Introduction. Bringing Together Mind, Behavior, and Evolution; Carlos Muñoz-Suárez.- Chapter 2. A most rare achievement: Dennett's Scientific Discovery in Content and Consciousness; Don Ross.- Chapter 3. What was I thinking? Dennett's Content and Consciousness and the Reality of Propositional Attitudes Felipe De Brigard.- Chapter 4. Dennett's Dual-process Theory of Reasoning; Keith Frankish.- Chapter 5. The Rationality Assumption; Richar Dub.- Chapter 6. Dennett's Personal/Subpersonal Distinction in the Light of Cognitive Neuropsychiatry; Sam Wilkinson.- Chapter 7. I Am Large, I Contain Multitudes: The Personal, the Sub-personal, and the Extended; Martin Roth.- Chapter 8. Learning Our Way to Intelligence: Reflections on Dennett and Appropriateness; Ellen Fridland.- Chapter 9. The Intentional Stance and Cultural Learning: A Developmental Feedback Loop; John Michael.- Chapter 10. Conscious-state Anti-realism; Pete Mandik.- Chapter 11. Not Just a Fine Trip down Memory Lane: Comments on the Essays on Content and Consciousness; Daniel Dennett.
What are the grounds for the distinction between the mental and the physical? What is it the relation between ascribing mental states to an organism and understanding its behavior? Are animals and complex systems vehicles of inner evolutionary environments? Is there a difference between personal and sub-personal level processes in the brain? Answers to these and other questions were developed in Daniel Dennett's first book, Content and Consciousness (1969), where he sketched a unified theoretical framework for views that are now considered foundational in cognitive science and philosophy of mind.
Content and Consciousness Revisited is devoted to reconsider the ideas and ideals introduced in Dennett's seminal book, by covering its fundamental concepts, hypotheses and approaches and taking into account the findings and progress which have taken place during more than four decades. This book includes original and critical contributions about the relations between science and philosophy, the personal/sub-personal level distinction, intelligence, learning, intentionality, rationality, propositional attitudes, among other issues of scientific and philosophical interest. Each chapter embraces an updated approach to several disciplines, like cognitive science, cognitive psychology, philosophy of mind and cognitive psychiatry.
Autor: Carlos M. Muñoz-Suárez
ISBN-13:: 9783319173733
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Gewicht: 4853g
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