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Autor: Ian Chivers
ISBN-13: 9783319177007
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Introduction to Programming with Fortran

With coverage of Fortran 90, 95, 2003, 2008 and 77
Overview.- Introduction to Problem Solving.- Introduction to Programming Languages.- Introduction to Programming.- Arithmetic.- Arrays 1: Some Fundamentals.- Arrays 2: Further Examples.- Whole Array and Additional Array Features.- Output of Results.- Reading in Data.- Summary of I/O Concepts.- Functions.- Control Structures.- Characters.- Complex.- Logical.- Introduction to Derived Types.- An Introduction to Pointers.- Introduction to Subroutines.- Subroutines: 2.- Modules.- Data Structuring in Fortran.- An Introduction to Algorithms and the Big O Notation.- Operator Overloading.- Generic Programming.- Mathematical Examples.- Parameterised Derived Types in Fortran.- Object Oriented Programming.- Introduction to Parallel Programming.- MPI - Message Passing Interface.- OpenMP.- Coarray Fortran.- C Interop.- IEEE Arithmetic.- Miscellaneous Examples.- Converting from Fortran 77.
In response to feedback from course delegates this third edition has been revised throughout. It expands on the second edition with new and updated examples in the chapters on arithmetic, i/o, character data, modules, data structuring and generic programming with minor updates to the rest of the chapters.
Key Features

· lots of clear, simple examples highlighting the core language features of modern Fortran including data typing, array processing, control structures, functions, subroutines, modules, user defined types, pointers, operator overloading, generic programming, object oriented programming and parallel programming

· pinpoints common problems that occur when programming

· illustrates the use of several compilers

· with better standards conformance in compilers there are new examples illustrating the following major features:

- C Interop

- IEEE arithmetic

- parameterised derived types

Introduction to Programming with Fortran will appeal to the complete beginner, existing
Fortran programmers wishing to update their code and those with programming experience in other languages.
Autor: Ian Chivers
ISBN-13:: 9783319177007
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Verlag: Springer, Berlin, Springer International Publishing
Gewicht: 1055g
Seiten: 674
Sprache: Englisch
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