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Autor: James W. Lim
ISBN-13: 9783319177069
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Erscheinungsdatum: 29.07.2025
History of Pancreas transplant.- Epidemiology of DM (incidence, demographics).- Economics of DM (financial impact).- Recipient Evaluation (selection and work up of potential patient for Pancreas transplant).- Operation (various methods such as Portal vs Systemic and Enteral vs Bladder for the endocrine and exocrine function respectively).- Surgical complications (different surgical complications and methods of diagnosis and treat options).- Immunosuppression (review of different protocols based on most recent SRTR data).- Surveillance and postoperative monitoring (follow up of recipient post transplant beginning from immediately after the operation to long-term follow up).- Infections and other nonsurgical complications (review of more common infections and nonsurgical complications associated with Pancreas transplant).- Islet cell transplant (most recent review of islet cell transplant).- Autologous islet cell transplant (review of patients with chronic pancreatitis requiring this type of Pancreas transplant).- Living related transplant and multivisceral transplant (review of sparse data on patients who obtain a Pancreas transplant via a live donor or as part of a multivisceral transplant).- Regulatory issues (review the CMS and UNOS guidelines that dictate all Pancreas transplant programs in the country, including start up and maintenance to keep program in good standing with CMS and UNOS).
This reference work provides a comprehensive review of the most crucial and provocative aspects of pancreas transplantation. It represents a unique source of information and guidance for the current generation of transplant surgeons that evolved from being pure clinicians into savvy administrators knowledgeable in every regulatory aspect governing transplantation. The book contains 15 chapters covering every single aspect of the surgical operation in the donors as well as the recipients of pancreas transplants. The pre-operative workup, as well as the post-operative immunosuppression management, and the treatment of recurrent diseases are addressed in detail. In addition, the book further expands the role of islet cell transplant with its ever increasing prominence, which includes the role of autologous islet cell transplant. The impact of increasing regulatory burdens from the federal government coupled with the economic and health burden of Diabetes mellitus is discussed.Contemporary Pancreas Transplantation provides a state-of-the art review of pancreas transplantation and will prove to be a valuable reference for medical students, residents, researchers, surgeons and clinicians.
Autor: James W. Lim
ISBN-13:: 9783319177069
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Erscheinungsjahr: 29.07.2025
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