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Autor: Ali Sayigh
ISBN-13: 9783319177557
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Sustainable High Rise Buildings in Urban Zones

Advantages, Challenges, and Global Case Studies
High Rise Buildings in North America.- High Rise Buildings in South America.- High Rise Buildings in Europe.- High Rise Buildings in Africa and the Middle East.- High Rise Buildings in Asia.
This unique reference gathers numerous new studies examining specific, prominent high-rise buildings around the world. Each nuanced study included undertakes the following pivotal considerations: environmental impacts; safety & social acceptability; energy consumption and comfort; planning contexts within the urban zone; physical footprint and size; services and risks; and a careful assessment of advantages and challenges. Architects and engineers exploring and optimizing sustainable building practices, energy managers, municipal and private project planners, as well as students will find edification and inspiration in the analysis provided by esteemed practitioners and professors within this fascinating volume.
Editiert von: Ali Sayigh
Dr. Ali Sayigh is Chairman and Founder of the World Renewable Energy Congress and Council; Director General of World Renewable Energy Network (WREN); Chairman and Founder of the Arab Solar Energy Society; and Past Chairman of the UK Solar Energy Society. Dr. Sayigh was recently elected to chair the Iraqi Energy Institute, and he actively consults on renewable and sustainable energy issues for a number of international organizations, including UNESCO, ISESCO, UNDP, ESCWA, & UNIDO. Dr. Sayigh was Director of Solar Seminars at ICTP Trieste, Italy from 1977-1995; Professor of Solar Energy at King Saud, Kuwait, and Reading Universities from 1969 to 1994, and Professor of Engineering at the University of Hertfordshire from 1994 to 2004. He was the founding expert in Renewable Energy at AOPEC. He is Fellow of the Institute of Energy; Fellow of the Institution of Electrical Engineers; and Chartered Engineer. He has published more than 400 papers and has contributed to and edited more than 30 books. He has been Editor and Editor in Chief of several international journals including Renewable Energy and the International Journal of Environmental Sciences and Technology and Editor-in-Chief of the Major Reference Work, Comprehensive Renewable Energy.
Autor: Ali Sayigh
ISBN-13:: 9783319177557
ISBN: 3319177559
Verlag: Springer, Berlin, Springer International Publishing, Springer
Gewicht: 5207g
Seiten: 248
Sprache: Englisch
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