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New Perspectives on Paternalism and Health Care

.35, Library of Ethics and Applied Philosophy
Acknowledgements.- Thomas Schramme: Introduction.- Paternalism and Anti-Paternalism: Conceptual and Theoretical Issues.- 1. Gerald Dworkin; Defining Paternalism.- 2. DominikDüber; The Concept of Paternalism.- 3. Kalle Grill; Antipaternalism as a Filter on Reasons Justifying and Rejecting Paternalism.- 4. Douglas Husak: Paternalism and Consent.- 5. Kristin Voigt; Paternalism and equality.- 6. Thomas Schramme; Contested Services, Indirect Paternalism and Autonomy as Real Liberty.- 7. Roxanna Lynch; Paternalistic Care?.- 8. Norbert Paulo; The Bite of Rights in Paternalism.- Paternalism in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy.- 9. Bettina Schöne-Seifert; Paternalism: Its Ethical Justification in Medicine and Psychiatry.- 10. Charlotte Blease; Informed Consent, the Placebo Effect and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy.- 11. André Martens; Paternalism in Psychiatry: Anorexia Nervosa, Decision-Making Capacity, and Compulsory Treatment.- Paternalism and Public Health.- 12. James Wilson; Why It's Time to Stop Worrying About Paternalism in Health Policy.- 13. Stefan Huster; Individual Responsibility and Paternalism in Health Law.- 14. Jessica Flanigan; Can Social Costs Justify Public Health Paternalism?.- 15. Lorenzo Del Savio; Determinants of Food Choices as Justifications for Public Health Interventions.- Paternalism and Reproductive Medicine.- 16. Diana Aurenque; Selecting embryos with disabilities? A different approach to defend a "soft" paternalism in reproductive medicine.- 17. Clemens Heyder; The limitation of a mother's autonomy in reproduction: Is the ban on egg donation a case of indirect paternalism?.- Authors.- Index.
This work sets the stage regarding debates about paternalism and health care for years to come. The anthology is organized around four parts: i) The concept of paternalism and theoretical issues regarding the idea of anti-paternalism, ii) strategies for justifying different forms of paternalism, iii) paternalism in psychiatry and psychotherapy, iv) paternalism and public health, and v) paternalism and reproductive medicine. Medical paternalism was arguably one of the main drivers of debates in medical ethics and has led to a wide acknowledgement of the value of patient autonomy. However, more recent developments in health care, such as the increasing significance of public health measures and the commercialization of medical services, have led to new social circumstances and hence to the need to rethink issues regarding paternalism. This work provides an invaluable source for many scholars and practitioners, since it deals in new and original ways with one of the main and oldest issue in health care ethics._
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