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Applied Mathematics in Tunisia

.131, Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics
International Conference on Advances in Applied Mathematics (ICAAM), Hammamet, Tunisia, December 2013
Aiena: Polaroid Operators and Weyl Type Theorems.- Helffer: On Non Self-Adjoint Spectral Problems Occurring in Superconductivity.- Djebali: Fixed Point Theory for 1-Set Contractions: A Survey.- Najar: Spectral Results in Quantum Waveguides.- Gwinner: Multi-Field Modeling of Nonsmooth Problems of Continuum Mechanics, Differential Mixed Variational Inequalities and Their Stability.- Savas, Eren: Ith-Statistical Convergence of Order in Topological Groups.- Benbouziane, Boukli-Hacene: Periodic Solutions of Cohen-Grossberg Type Model of Neural Networks with Delay and Impulses.- Chaker, Ghribi, Jeribi, Krichen: Some Fixed Point Theorems for Orbitally-( p , q )-Quasi-Contraction Mappings.- Adjabi, Kessi: Third-Order Rational Ordinary Differential Equations with Integer Indices of Fuchs.- Boukli-Hacene, Ezzinbi: Existence of Weighted Pseudo Almost Periodic Solutions for some Partial Differential Equations with Delay.- Hadrich, Zribi, Masmoudi: Using B-Splines Functions and EM Algorithm for Hidden Markov Model-Based Unsupervised Image Segmentation.- Mallouli, Masmoudi, Masmoudi, Abid: Iris Localization using Mixture of Gamma Distributions in the Segmentation Process.- Louati, Masmoudi, Mselmi: Gamma Stopping and Drifted Stable Processes.- Abderrahmane: On the Born-Oppenheimer Asymptotic Expansions.- Arab, Zribi, Masmoudi: Finite Kibble's Bivariate Gamma Mixtures for Color Image Segmentation.- Damak, Hammami: Stabilization of a Class of Time-Varying Systems in Hilbert Spaces.- Louati: Weighted Sobolev Spaces for the Laplace Equation in an Exterior Domain.- Gherbi, Messirdi: About the Quotient of Two Bounded Operators.- Dbebria, Salem: Exact Controllability for the Korteweg-De Vries Equation and its Cost in the Zero-Dispersion Limit.- Aliouane, Azzam-Laouir: Existence of Solutions of a Class of Second-Order Sweeping Process in Banach Spaces.- Benouhiba, Bounouala: Concave and Convex Nonlinearities in Nonstandard Eigenvalue Problems.- Charfi, Elleuch, Jeribi: On the Time Asymptotic Behavior of a Transport Operator with Bounce-Back Boundary Condition.- Celaya, Aguirrezabala: Construction of MATLAB Adaptive Step ODE Solvers.- Di Bella: Some Spectral Properties for Operators Acting on Rigged Hilbert Spaces.- Bellomonte: An Overview on Bounded Elements in Some Partial Algebraic Structures.
This contributed volume presents some recent theoretical advances in mathematics and its applications in various areas of science and technology. Written by internationally recognized scientists and researchers, the chapters in this book are based on talks given at the International Conference on Advances in Applied Mathematics (ICAAM), which took place December 16-19, 2013, in Hammamet, Tunisia. Topics discussed at the conference included spectral theory, operator theory, optimization, numerical analysis, ordinary and partial differential equations, dynamical systems, control theory, probability, and statistics. These proceedings aim to foster and develop further growth in all areas of applied mathematics.
Autor: Aref Jeribi
ISBN-13:: 9783319180403
ISBN: 3319180401
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Gewicht: 974g
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