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Autor: Damião Pergentino de Sousa
ISBN-13: 9783319191430
Einband: Buch
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Format: 243x164x19 mm
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List of Contributors

Chapter 1: Principles of cancer pathogenesis and therapy: a brief overview

Rosane Borges Dias, Ludmila de Faro Valverde, Clarissa Araújo Gurgel Rocha and Daniel Pereira Bezerra

Chapter 2: Essential Oils Chemistry

Mónica Rocha Zuzarte and Lígia Maria Ribeiro Salgueiro

Chapter 3: Pharmacobotanical Aspects of Aromatic Plants

Ionaldo José Lima Diniz Basílio, Nathalia Diniz Araujo and Rafael Costa Silva

Chapter 4: Essential oils as Raw Materials in the Synthesis of Anticancer Drugs

Timothy John Brocksom, Kleber Thiago de Oliveira, Marco Antonio Barbosa Ferreira and Bruno Moraes Servilha

Chapter 5: Antitumor Essential Oils: Progress in Medicinal Chemistry

Sócrates Cabral de Holanda Cavalcanti, Rafael dos Reis Barreto de Oliveira and Damião Pergentino de Sousa

Chapter 6: Clinical Advances on Anticancer Essential Oils

Ammad Ahmad Farooqi, Rubina Sohail, Sundas Fayyaz, Iryna Shatynska-Mytsyk

Chapter 7: Antitumor Essential Oils

Hemerson Iury Ferreira Magalhães and Élida Batista Vieira de Sousa

Chapter 8: Antitumor Monoterpenes

Janaina Fernandes

Chapter 9: Sesquiterpenes from Essential Oils with Promising Antitumor Properties

Fayaz Malik and Suresh Kumar

Chapter 10: Antitumor Phenylpropanoids

Miriam Teresa Paz Lopes, Dalton Dittz Júnior and Fernanda de Oliveira Lemos

Chapter 11: Antitumor Essential Oils: Synergy and Chemotherapeutic Interactions

Rogerio Correa Peres, Carolina Foot Gomes de Moura, Flavia Andressa Pidone Ribeiro and Daniel Araki Ribeiro

Chapter 12: Dietary Essential Oils and Cancer chemopreventive potential

Thomas Prates Ong

Chapter 13: Cancer and aromatherapy: a view of how the use of essential oils applies to palliative care

Rita de Cássia da Silveira e Sá

Chapter 14: Perillyl Alcohol: A Pharmacotherapeutic Report

Clovis Orlando da Fonseca and Thereza Quirico-Santos

Chapter 15: Conclusion and Future Perspectives

Damião Pergentino de Sousa
This volume provides a general overview of the therapeutic potential of the essential oils in cancer and highlights some promising future directions. It integrates chemistry, pharmacology, and medicine while discussing bioactive essential oils in experimental models and clinical studies of cancer. The book is a valuable resource for all engaged in the study of natural products and their synthetic derivatives, particularly for those interested in academic research and pharmaceutical and food industries dedicated in the discovery of useful agents for the therapy or prevention of cancer.
Editiert von: Damião Pergentino de Sousa
Damião Pergentino de Sousa is Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Federal University, Paraiba, Brazil. He received his Master's degree in Natural Products (Pharmacology and Chemistry) from the Federal University of Paraíba. He received his PhD (in Organic Chemistry) from the Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil. His current research is mainly focused on the medicinal chemistry studies applied to natural products and synthetic derivatives with potential therapeutic use. Professor de Sousa is a member of the editorial board and reviewer of several international journals with a broad range of scientific fields, such as natural products, organic synthesis, pharmacology, and biotechnology. He is also a consultant of funding agencies of scientific research and has scientific collaboration with several research groups throughout the world. He has published extensively in the field of natural products.
Autor: Damião Pergentino de Sousa
ISBN-13:: 9783319191430
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