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Autor: Markus Hannebauer
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Web Knowledge Management and Decision Support

Vol.2543, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence
14th International Conference on Applications of Prolog, INAP 2001, Tokyo, Japan, October 20-22, 2001, Revised Papers
Web-Languages and Logic.- to Part I: Web-Languages and Logic.- The Rule Markup Language: RDF-XML Data Model, XML Schema Hierarchy, and XSL Transformations.- Software Components for Internet Based Self-service Consulting Systems.- iML: A Logic-Based Framework for Constructing Graphical User Interface on Mobile Agents.- PGR: Portuguese Attorney General's Office Decisions on the Web.- Knowledge Acquisition and Knowledge Representation.- to Part II: Knowledge Acquisition and Knowledge Representation.- Preferring and Updating in Logic-Based Agents.- Relational Information Retrieval through Natural Language Analysis.- A Functional Operator-Based Morphological Analysis of Japanese.- Towards Reconciling Use Cases via Controlled Language and Graphical Models.- Selection Restrictions Acquisition for Parsing Improvement.- Decision Support by Advanced Logic Programming.- to Part III: Decision Support by Advanced Logic Programming.- Defeasible Logic.- Connecting Databases with Argumentation.- Prolog Issues and Experimental Results of an MCMC Algorithm.- Action Rules for Programming Constraint Propagators and Interactive User Interfaces.- Constraint Solving over OCR Graphs.- Constraint-Based Configuration of Large Systems.- Data Mining and Web-Knowledge Management.- to Part IV: Data Mining and Web-Knowledge Management.- Collaborative Information Filtering by Using Categorized Bookmarks on the Web.- Discovering Frequent Itemsets in the Presence of Highly Frequent Items.- Mining Multi-dimensional Quantitative Associations.- Constructing Appropriate Data Abstractions for Mining Classiffication Knowledge.- Relationship-Based Dynamic Versioning of Evolving Legal Documents.
The 20 revised full papers presented in this book together with 4 section surveys were carefully reviewed and selected from the papers contributed to the 14th International Conference on Applications of Prolog, INAP 2001, held in Tokyo, Japan, in October 2002.The papers are devoted to the four tightly interwoven aspects knowledge acquisition, knowledge management, knowledge processing, and knowledge distribution, all in the context of the World Wide Web; they are organized in topical sections on Web languages and logic, knowlege acquisition and knowledge representation, decision support by advanced logic programming, and Web-knowledge management and data mining.
The book is targeted to designers and users of e-business systems and e-government systems, for IT professionals who build such systems, as well as for the wider audience interested in the technical background of knowledge processing for the Web.
Autor: Markus Hannebauer
ISBN-13:: 9783540006800
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