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Autor: Michael I. Eides
ISBN-13: 9783540452690
Einband: Buch
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Theory of Light Hydrogenic Bound States

Vol.222, Springer Tracts in Modern Physics
Theoretical Approaches to the Energy Levels of Loosely Bound Systems.- General Features of the Hydrogen Energy Levels.- External Field Approximation.- Essentially Two-Particle Recoil Corrections.- Radiative-Recoil Corrections.- Nuclear Size and Structure Corrections.- Lamb Shift in Light Muonic Atoms.- Physical Origin of the Hyperfine Splitting and the Main Nonrelativistic Contribution.- Nonrecoil Corrections to HFS.- Essentially Two-Body Corrections to HFS.- Hyperfine Splitting in Hydrogen.- Notes on Phenomenology.
The book describes the modern theory of light hydrogen-like systems, and the discussion is based on quantum electrodynamics. In particular, Green's functions, relativistic bound-state equations and Feynman diagrams are extensively used. New theoretical approaches are described and explained. The book contains derivation of many theoretical results obtained in recent years. A complete set of all theoretical results for the energy levels of hydrogen-like bound states, as well as comparison with experiment, is presented.
Autor: Michael I. Eides
ISBN-13:: 9783540452690
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Verlag: Springer, Berlin
Gewicht: 584g
Seiten: 260
Sprache: Englisch
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