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A Prairie Stage Companion - Current Structure And Development of Professional Theatre in the United States

Bd.V120206, Akademische Schriftenreihe
Document from the year 2007 in the subject American Studies - Culture and Applied Geography, grade: keine, University of Potsdam, 155 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: "In some ways it's a well-kept secret. People on the coasts don't seem to know that such a vibrant theater and arts scene exists in the Midwest."This is how an anonymous survey participant described the unique quality of theatre in the Midwest, which illustrates the essence of this thesis paper. While the following work is focusing primarily on professional theatre in the Midwest, it also catches a glimpse on community theatre, especially in Montana, as their major form of theatre.
In general, American theatre is often equated and centered with theatre that is produced and staged on Broadway in New York City. Yet, the American theatre scene is much more diverse and widespread than commonly believed.
The common misconception about American theatre outside of New York is supported by the lack of literature about Midwest theatre. Information on Midwest theatre for instance is mostly covered in American theatre biographies, however, current studies on the variety and structure of contemporary Midwest theatre are rather rare to non-existent. Therefore, empirical and statistical research for this paper in form of field and Internet studies were essential.
The structure of the paper in some way reflects the diversity of Midwest theatre and landscape, starting by defining the Midwest as a region, followed by a brief history of American theatre in general and its basic current structure. A description of all established theatre branches in the Midwest, case studies of exemplary theatre companies in Chicago, Minneapolis, Iowa, South Dakota and Montana, are preceded by individual perception on Midwest theatre by performing artists as well as audience members.
" I was surprised by the professionalism and wide varie
Autor: Janek Liebetruth
ISBN-13:: 9783640238859
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