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Autor: Giovanni Amelino-Camelia
ISBN-13: 9783642064418
Einband: Taschenbuch
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Planck Scale Effects in Astrophysics and Cosmology

Vol.669, Lecture Notes in Physics
Planck Scale Kinematics and the Pierre Auger Observatory.- Quantum Gravity.- Introduction to Quantum-Gravity Phenomenology.- Astrophysical Bounds on Planck Suppressed Lorentz Violation.- Introduction to Doubly Special Relativity.- Interferometry as a Universal Tool in Physics.- Inflationary Cosmological Perturbations of Quantum--Mechanical Origin.- CPT Violation and Decoherence in Quantum Gravity.- Quantum Foan and Quantum Gravity Phenomenology.- Gamma-Ray Bursts as Probes for Quantum Gravity.- Loop Quantum Gravity and Planck Scale Phenomenology.
This volume is composed of extensive and detailed notes from the lectures given at the 40th Karpacz Winter School. This school focussed on quantum gravity phenomenology with emphasis on its relation to observational astrophysics and cosmology. These notes have been carefully edited with the aim to give advanced students and young researchers a balanced and accessible introduction to a rather heavily mathematical subject.
Autor: Giovanni Amelino-Camelia
ISBN-13:: 9783642064418
ISBN: 3642064418
Verlag: Springer, Berlin
Gewicht: 650g
Seiten: 414
Sprache: Englisch
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