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Autor: Giuseppe Allegra
ISBN-13: 9783642064661
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Interphases and Mesophases in Polymer Crystallization I

Vol.180, Advances in Polymer Science
With contribution by numerous experts.
1 D.C. Bassett: On the Role of the Hexagonal Phase in the Crystallization of Polyethylene.- 2 B. Lotz: Analysis and Observation of Polymer Crystal Structures at the Individual Stem Level.- 3 G. Ungar, E.G.R. Putra, D.S.M. De Silva, M.A. Shcherbina, A.J. Waddon: The Effect of Self-Poisoning on Crystal Morphology and Growth Rates.- 4 P.H. Geil, J. Yang, R.A. Williams, K.L. Petersen, T.-C. Long, P. Xu: Effect of Molecular Weight and Melt Time and Temperature on the Morphology of Poly(tetrafluorethylene).- 5 S. Rastogi, A.E. Terry: Morphological Implications of the Interphase Bridging Crystalline and Amorphous Regions in Semi-Crystalline Polymers.-
Autor: Giuseppe Allegra
ISBN-13:: 9783642064661
ISBN: 3642064663
Verlag: Springer, Berlin
Gewicht: 363g
Seiten: 221
Sprache: Englisch
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