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Marine Biotechnology II

Vol.97, Advances in Biochemical Engineering / Biotechnology
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1 G. Liebezeit: Aquaculture of "Non-Food Organisms" for Natural Substance Production.- 2 S. Lang, M. Hüners, V. Lurtz: Bioprocess Engineering Data on the Cultivation of Marine Prokaryotes and Fungi.-
3 K. Muffler, R. Ulber: Downstream Processing in Marine Biotechnology.-
4 M.-L. Bourguet-Kondracki, J.-M. Kornprobst: Marine Pharmacology: Potentialities in the Treatment of Infectious Diseases, Osteoporosis and Alzheimer s Disease.-
5 J. Hassfeld, M. Kalesse, T. Stellfeld, M. Christmann: Asymmetric Total Synthesis of Complex Marine Natural Products.-
6 K.H. Chu, C.Y. Tang, A. Wu, P.S.C. Leung: Seafood Allergy: Lessons from Clinical Symptoms, Immunological Mechanisms and Molecular Biology.-
Autor: Yves Le Gal
ISBN-13:: 9783642065101
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Gewicht: 422g
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