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Autor: Sanjay Rana
ISBN-13: 9783642065118
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Frontiers of Geographic Information Technology

Geographic Information Technologies - Overview (Sanjay Rana and Jayant Sharma).- Soft Computing and Geographical Information Systems (Yingjie Yang, David Gillingwater and Chris Hinde).- Using Geospatial Information for Autonomous Systems Control (Ayanna Howard and Edward Tunstel).- Simulating Spatial Dynamics Using Cell & Agent-Based Urban Models (Mike Batty).- Distributed Geospatial Information Services (Chaowei (Phil) Yang and C. Vincent Tao).- Geospatial Grid (Liping Di).- Geospatial Semantic Web (Yaser Bishr).- The Role of DBMS in New Generation GIS Architecture (Sisi Zlatanova and Jantien Stoter).- Multimodal Interfaces for Representing and Accessing Geospatial Information (Reg Golledge, Matthew T. Rice and R. Daniel Jacobson).- Way Finding With Mobile Devices Decision Support (Sabine Timpf).- Augmented Reality Visualisation of Geospatial Data (Daniel Holweg and Ursula Kretschmer).- GeoICT and Development - The Inverted Pyramid Syndrome (Satya Prakash, Ayon Kumar Tarafdar and Ravi Gupta).- Privacy Issues in Geographic Information Technologies (Alastair Beresford).- Frontiers of Geographic Information Technology (Sanjay Rana and Jayant Sharma).
Originally intended for desktop mapping and analysis, Geographic Information Systems have been coupled to other technologies, due to the limitations in commercially available systems, and has occurred in areas including visualisation, simulation, data storage and management and decision support. This book, written by an international group of experts, focuses on the use of GIS and the technology it has been allied to. A companion website offers additional materials and links.
Autor: Sanjay Rana
ISBN-13:: 9783642065118
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Verlag: Springer, Berlin
Gewicht: 521g
Seiten: 329
Sprache: Englisch
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