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Autor: Byung Chan Eu
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Transport Coefficients of Fluids

Vol.82, Springer Series in Chemical Physics
Transport Coefficients of Dilute Gases.- Boltzmann Equation for Dilute.- Transport Processes in Monatomic Gases.- Boltzmann Equation for Dilute Polyatomic Gases.- Transport Processes in Dilute Polyatomic Gases.- Transport Coefficients of Liquids.- Equation of State and Equilibrium Properties of Liquids.- Generalized Boltzmann Equation.- Generalized Boltzmann Equation for Polyatomic Liquids.- Dynamic Ornstein-Zernike Equation.- Density Fluctuation Theory: Simple Fluids.- Density Fluctuation Theory: Complex Fluids.- Free Volume Theory and Transport Coefficients.
In this monograph, the density ?uctuation theory of transport coe?cients of simple and complex liquids is described together with the kinetic theory of liquids, the generic van der Waals equation of state, and the modi?ed free volume theory. The latter two theories are integral parts of the density ?- tuation theory, which enables us to calculate the density and temperature dependence of transport coe?cients of liquids from intermolecular forces. The terms nanoscience and bioscience are the catch phrases currently in fashion in science. It seems that much of the fundamentals remaining unsolved or poorly understood in the science of condensed matter has been overshadowed by the frenzy over the more glamorous disciplines of the former, shunned by novices, and are on the verge of being forgotten. The transport coe?cients of liquids and gases and related thermophysical properties of matter appear to be one such area in the science of macroscopic properties of molecular systems and statisticalmechanicsofcondensedmatter. Evennano-andbiomaterials,h- ever, cannot be fully and appropriately understood without ?rm grounding and foundations in the macroscopic and molecular theories of transport pr- ertiesandrelatedthermophysicalpropertiesofmatterinthecondensedphase. Oneisstilldealingwithsystemsmadeupofnotafewparticlesbutamultitude of them, often too many to count, to call them few-body problems that can be understoodwithoutthehelpofstatisticalmechanicsandmacroscopicphysics. In the density ?uctuation theory of transport coe?cients, the basic approach taken is quite di?erent from the approaches taken in the conventional kinetic theories of gases and liquids.
Autor: Byung Chan Eu
ISBN-13:: 9783642066412
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Gewicht: 633g
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