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Autor: Lorenzo Pavesi
ISBN-13: 9783642066962
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Optical Interconnects

Vol.119, Springer Series in Optical Sciences
The Silicon Approach
Advanced Conventional Interconnects: State of the Art, Future Trends, and Limitations.- Optical Gain in Silicon and the Quest for a Silicon Injection Laser.- Silicon Raman Laser, Amplifier, and Wavelength Converter.- Electro-Optical Modulators in Silicon.- Silicon Photodetectors and Receivers.- Active SiGe Devices for Optical Interconnects.- An Introduction to Silicon Photonics.- Submicron Silicon Strip Waveguides.- Photonic Crystal Microcircuit Elements.- On Chip Optical Waveguide Interconnect: the Problem of the In/Out Coupling.- Si Microphotonics for Optical Interconnection.- Silicon-Integrated Optics.- Free-Space Optical Interconnects.
Optical Interconnects provides a fascinating picture of the state of the art in optical interconnects and a perspective on what can be expected in the near future. It is composed of selected reviews authored by world leaders in the field, and these reviews are written from either an academic or industrial viewpoint. An in-depth discussion of the path towards fully-integrated optical interconnects in microelectronics is presented. This book will be useful not only to physicists, chemists, materials scientists, and engineers but also to graduate students who are interested in the fields of microelectronics and optoelectronics.
Editiert von: Lorenzo Pavesi, Gérard Guillot
Lorenzo Pavesi is Professor of experimental physics at the university of Trento (Italy). Born the 21st of november 1961, he received his master degree in physics in 1985 at the university of trento and the phd in physics in 1990 at the ecole polytechnique federale of lausanne (switzerland). in 1990 he became assistant professor, an associate professor in 1999 and full professor in 2002 at the university of trento. He founded the research activity in semiconductor optoelectronics at the university of trento and started several laboratories of optical spectroscopy, growth and advanced treatment of materials. during the last years, he concentrated on Si-based optoelectronics where he has been working on porous silicon and on silicon nanostructures. Among his most important recent achievements the fabrication of Si led in a fully CMOS compatible environment, the first evidence of optical gain and stimulated emission in Si quantum dot nanocrystals, the observation of photonic Bloch oscillations, all of these results opened the way to a Si-based optoelectronics and to the future fabrication of a Si-based laser. He organized several international conferences, workshops and schools and is a frequent invited speaker. He manages several research projects, both national and european. He is an author or co-author of more than 200 papers, author of 1 book, several reviews, editor of 6 books and holds two patents.
Autor: Lorenzo Pavesi
ISBN-13:: 9783642066962
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Verlag: Springer, Berlin
Gewicht: 615g
Seiten: 384
Sprache: Englisch
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