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Autor: Wolfram Decker
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Computing in Algebraic Geometry

Vol.16, Algorithms and Computation in Mathematics
A Quick Start using SINGULAR
Introductory Remarks on Computer Algebra.- 1 Basic Notations and Ideas: A Historical Account.- 2 Basic Computational Problems and Their Solution.- 3 An Introduction to SINGULAR.- Practical Session I .- Practical Session II .- 4 Homological Algebra I .- 5 Homological Algebra II .- Practical Session III .- 6 Solving Systems of Polynomial Equations .- 7 Primary Decomposition and Normalization .- Practical Session .- 8 Algorithms for Invariant .- 9 Computing in Local Rings .- Practical Session V .- Appendix A Sheaf Cohomology and Beilinson Monads .- Appendix B Solutions to Exercises .- References .- Index
This book provides a quick access to computational tools for algebraic geometry, the mathematical discipline which handles solution sets of polynomial equations. Originating from a number of intense one week schools taught by the authors, the text is designed so as to provide a step by step introduction which enables the reader to get started with his own computational experiments right away. The authors present the basic concepts and ideas in a compact way.
Autor: Wolfram Decker
ISBN-13:: 9783642067013
ISBN: 3642067018
Verlag: Springer, Berlin
Gewicht: 521g
Seiten: 328
Sprache: Englisch
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