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Autor: Yukio Ohsawa
ISBN-13: 9783642070709
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Chance Discoveries in Real World Decision Making

Vol.30, Studies in Computational Intelligence
Data-based Interaction of Human intelligence and Artificial Intelligence
Basis.- Chance Discovery: The Current States of Art.- The Structure of Scenario Communication and Chance Discovery.- Complexity in the Discovery of Chance: Daily Life Criticality.- Computational.- Chance Discovery.- Scenario Maps on Situational Switch Model, Applied to Blood-Test Data for Hepatitis C Patients.- Uncertainty Reasoning and Chance Discovery.- Digital Modulation Classification using Fuzzy Neural Networks.- Chance Discovery using Complementary Learning Fuzzy Neural Network.- Communication.- Modeling Influence Diffusion in Human Society.- Resonance without Response: The Way of Topic Growth in Communications.- Scenario to Data Mapping Algorithm and Its Application to Chance Discovery Process Support.- Smart Discussion Environment on a Bulletin Board System.- Cognitive.- Prefiguring Ethical Chances: The Role of Moral Mediators.- A NeuroCognitive Approach to Decision-Making in Chance Discovery.- Design and Marketing.- Creative Marketing as Application of Chance Discovery.- Extracting High Quality Scenario for Consensus on Specifications of New Products.- Is there a Needle in the Haystack?.- A Requirement Acquisition Process as an Evolved Chance Discovery.- ConExSIR: A Dialogue-based Framework of Design Team Thinking and Discovery.- Risk.- Chance Discovery in Credit Risk Management - Estimation of Chain Reaction Bankruptcy Structure by Chance Discovery Method.- E-Nightingale: Crisis Detection in Nursing Activities.- Understanding of Dark Events for Harnessing Risk.- Mining Hospital Management Data using R.
For this book, the editors invited contributions from indispensable research areas relevant to "chance discovery", which has been defined as the discovery of events significant for making a decision, and studied since 2000. The chapters contain contributions to identifying rare or hidden events and explaining their significance. The methods presented in this book are based on the interaction of human, machine, and humans' living environment.
Autor: Yukio Ohsawa
ISBN-13:: 9783642070709
ISBN: 3642070701
Verlag: Springer, Berlin
Gewicht: 708g
Seiten: 404
Sprache: Englisch
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