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Autor: Ajith Abraham
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Stigmergic Optimization

Vol.31, Studies in Computational Intelligence
Stigmergic Optimization: Inspiration, Technologies and Perspectives.- Stigmergic Autonomous Navigation in Collective Robotics.- A General Approach to Swarm Coordination using Circle Formation.- Stigmergic Navigation for Multi-Agent Teams in Complex Environments.- Physically Realistic Self-assembly Simulation System.- Gliders and Riders: A Particle Swarm Selects for Coherent Space-Time Structures in Evolving Cellular Automata.- Termite: A swarm intelligent routing algorithm for mobilewireless Ad-Hoc networks.- Stochastic Diffusion Search: Partial Function Evaluation In Swarm Intelligence Dynamic Optimisation.- Linear Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimization.- Cooperative Particle Swarm Optimizers: A Powerful and Promising Approach.- Parallel Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithms with Adaptive Simulated Annealing.- Swarm Intelligence: Theoretical Proof That Empirical Techniques are Optimal.
First studied in social insects like ants, indirect self-organizing interactions - known as "stigmergy" - occur when one individual modifies the environment and another subsequently responds to the new environment. The implications of self-organizing behavior extend to robotics and beyond. This book explores the application of stigmergy for a variety of optimization problems. The volume comprises 12 chapters including an introductory chapter conveying the fundamental definitions, inspirations and research challenges.
Editiert von: Ajith Abraham, Crina Grosan, Vitorino Ramos
Dr. Ajith Abraham is Director of the Machine Intelligence Research (MIR) Labs, a global network of research laboratories with headquarters near Seattle, WA, USA. He is an author/co-author of more than 750 scientific publications. He is founding Chair of the International Conference of Computational Aspects of Social Networks (CASoN), Chair of IEEE Systems Man and Cybernetics Society Technical Committee on Soft Computing (since 2008), and a Distinguished Lecturer of the IEEE Computer Society representing Europe (since 2011).
Autor: Ajith Abraham
ISBN-13:: 9783642071065
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