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The Future Internet

Vol.7281, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Information Systems and Applications, incl. Internet/Web, and HCI
Future Internet Assembly 2012: From Promises to Reality
Irrespective of whether we use economic or societal metrics, the Internet is one of the most important technical infrastructures in existence today. It will serve as a catalyst for much of our innovation and prosperity in the future. A competitive Europe will require Internet connectivity and services beyond the capabilities offered by current technologies. Future Internet research is therefore a must.
The Future Internet Assembly (FIA) is a successful and unique bi-annual conference that brings together participants of over 150 projects from several distinct but interrelated areas in the EU Framework Programme 7.

The 20 full papers included in this volume were selected from 40 submissions, and are preceded by a vision paper describing the FIA Roadmap. The papers have been organized into topical sections on the foundations of Future Internet, the applications of Future Internet, Smart Cities, and Future Internet infrastructures.
Editiert von: Federico Alvarez, Frances Cleary, John Domingue, Alex Galis, Ana Garcia
John Domingue is the Deputy Director of the Knowledge Media Institute at The Open University, UK. He has published over 100 refereed articles in the areas of semantic Web services, semantic web, ontologies and human computer interaction. Up until last year he was the Scientific Director of DIP, an EU Integrated Project (IP) on semantic Web services which involved seventeen partners and had a budget of 16M Euros. Also last year, he Chaired the European Semantic Web conference. Currently he is the Scientific Director of SUPER, another EU IP which unites semantic Web services and business process modeling. Dr Domingue currently sits on the Steering Committee for the European Semantic Conference Series, is a co-Chair of the WSMO working group and a co-Chair of the OASIS Semantic Execution Environment Technical committee.
Autor: Federico Alvarez
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