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Autor: Andrei N. Slavin
ISBN-13: 9783642302466
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Vol.125, Topics in Applied Physics
From Fundamentals to Applications
This book collects review articles by leading experts on the excitation, detection, and manipulation of magnons, on the controllability of their function via external magnetic field, and on research pursuing the realization of magnonic devices.
Preface.- Spin-wave eigen-modes in a normally magnetized nano-pillar.- Bottom Up Magnonics: Magnetization Dynamics of Individual Nanomagnets.- Features of Chaotic Spin Waves in Magnetic Film Feedback Rings.- Magnon Coherent States and Condensates.- The role of angular momentum in ultrafast magnetization dynamics.- Photo-magnonics.- Probing Magnons by Spin-polarized Electrons.- Micromagnetic Simulations in Magnonics.- Spin waves, Spin Currents and Spin Seebeck Effect.- Spin pumping at Ytrium Iron Garnet interfaces.- Spin-Torque Microwave Detectors.- Spin-wave emission from spin-torque nano-oscillators and its control by microwave pumping.- Nano-contact spin-torque oscillators as magnonic building blocks.- Spin waves in artificial crystals and metamaterials created from nanopatterned Ni80Fe20 antidote lattices.- Spin Wave Band Structure in Two-Dimensional Magnonic Crystals.- Normal Mode Theory for Magnonic Crystal Waveguide.- The dynamic magnonic crystal: new horizons in artificial crystal based signal processing.- Summary and Outlook.
Spin waves (and their quanta magnons) can effectively carry and process information in magnetic nanostructures. By analogy to photonics, this research field is labelled magnonics. It comprises the study of excitation, detection, and manipulation of magnons. From the practical point of view, the most attractive feature of magnonic devices is the controllability of their functioning by an external magnetic field. This book has been designed for students and researchers working in magnetism. Here the readers will find review articles written by leading experts working on realization of magnonic devices.
Autor: Andrei N. Slavin
ISBN-13:: 9783642302466
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Verlag: Springer, Berlin
Gewicht: 560g
Seiten: 262
Sprache: Englisch
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