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Autor: Surkay Akbarov
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Stability Loss and Buckling Delamination

Vol.56, Lecture Notes in Applied and Computational Mechanics
Three-Dimensional Linearized Approach for Elastic and Viscoelastic Composites
This book examines stability loss problems of viscoelastic composite materials and structural members via the the Three-Dimensional Linearized Theory of Stability showing that equations and relations of these problems coincide with corresponding ones in TDLTS.
Preface.- Acknowledgment.- List of abbreviations.- Introduction.- Stability loss problems for viscoelastic plates.- Buckling delamination of elastic and viscoelastic composite plates with cracks.- Surface and internal stability loss in the structure of elastic and viscoelastic layered composites.- Stability loss in the structure of unidirected fibrous elastic and viscoelastic composites.- Applications of the approach developed in Chapter 4 on the problems related to the stress concentration in initially stressed bodies.- Self-balanced stresses caused by periodical curving of two neighboring and periodically located row of fibers in an infinite matrix.- References.- Index
This book investigates stability loss problems of the viscoelastic composite materials and structural members within the framework of the Three-Dimensional Linearized Theory of Stability (TDLTS). The stability loss problems are considered the development of the initial infinitesimal imperfection in the structure of the material or of the structural members. This development is studied within the framework of the Three-Dimensional Geometrical Non-Linear Theory of the Deformable Solid Body Mechanics. The solution to the corresponding boundary-value problems is presented in the series form in the small parameter which characterizes the degree of the initial imperfection. In this way, the nonlinear problems for the domains bounded by noncanonical surfaces are reduced for the same nonlinear problem for the corresponding domains bounded by canonical surfaces and the series subsequent linearized problems. It is proven that the equations and relations of these linearized problems coincide with the corresponding ones of the well-known TDLTS. Under concrete investigations as stability loss criterion the case is taken for the initial infinitesimal imperfection that starts to increase indefinitely. Moreover, it is proven that the critical parameters can be determined by the use of only the zeroth and first approximations.
Autor: Surkay Akbarov
ISBN-13:: 9783642302893
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