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Autor: Vikas Mittal
ISBN-13: 9783642303999
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Analytical Imaging Techniques for Soft Matter Characterization

Engineering Materials
This unconventional microscopy book focuses on biological soft matter and varieties of polymer now visible via new techniques such as AFM, SEM and TEM. It provides answers to questions on characterization and covers qualitative and quantitative analysis.
Introduction to the microscopy techniques.- Visualization of organic-inorganic nanostructures in liquid.- Macromolecular distributions in biological organisms in vivo.- Structure of the biological membrane.- Structural and analytical chemical analysis of the organic-inorganic components in biomineralized tissue.- Cellular dynamics.- Tomography of the hydrated materials.- Morphology in organic-inorganic composites.- Interface morphology.- Surface and volume characterization.- Confirmation of surface reactions.- Interactions between components.- Nano to micro and macro characterization.
This book describes the microscopic characterization of the soft matter in the light of new advances acquired in the science of microscopy techniques like AFM, SEM, TEM etc. The book does not focus on the traditional information on the microscopy methods as well as systems already present in different books, but intends to answer more fundamental questions associated with commercially important systems by using new advances in microscopy. Such questions are generally not answered by other techniques. The contents of the book also reflect this as the chapters are not based on describing material systems, but rather on the answering the problems or questions arising in their characterization. Both qualitative as well as quantitative analysis using such microscopic techniques are discussed. Moreover, the book has a broader reach as both polymers as well as biological matter have been included as different sections. Such a text with comprehensive overview of the various characterization possibilities using microscopy methods is currently not available in the market and can be a good reference book for microscopy experts as well as non-experts alike.
Autor: Vikas Mittal, Nadejda B. Matsko
Vikas Mittal is a polymer engineer at BASF Polymer Research in Ludwigshafen, Germany. He obtained his PhD in Polymer and Materials Engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland. Later, he worked as a materials scientist in the Active and Intelligent Coatings section of SunChemical in London, UK. His research interests include polymer nanocomposites, novel filler surface modifications and thermal stability enhancements.
Autor: Vikas Mittal
ISBN-13:: 9783642303999
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