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Autor: Frantisek Baluska
ISBN-13: 9783642439414
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Long-Distance Systemic Signaling and Communication in Plants

.19, Signaling and Communication in Plants
This book reviews current understanding of plant signalling, which is often very fast as signals spread rapidly throughout plant bodies. Discusses how higher plants coordinate and integrate their tissues and organs.
Long-Distance Signalling in Systemic Acquired Resistance.- Salicyl Acid-Induced Local and Long-Distance Signalling Models in Plants.- Long-Distance Signalling via Mobile RNAs.- Systemic Epigenetic Signalling in Plants.- Long-Distance Signals Produced by Water-Stressed Roots.- Oxygen Deficiency-Induced Root-to-Shoot Communication.- Systemic Signaling in the Maintenance of Phosphate Homeostasis.- Long-Distance Signalling of Iron Deficiency in Plants.- Strigolactones and the Coordinated Development of Shoot and Root.- Auxin as Long Distance Signal Controlling Root Architecture in Response to Nitrogen.- Systemic Signalling in Legume Nodulation: Legume Formation and its Regulation.- Systemic Signalling in Light Acclimation of Leaves.- Systemic Photo-Oxidative Stress Signalling.- Macromolecules Trafficking in the Phloem and Inter-Organ Communication.- Electrical Long Distance Signalling in Plants.- Intercellular Communication in Plants: Evidence for an EMF-Generated Signal that Evokes Local and Systemic Transcriptional Responses in Tomato.- Systemic Wound Signalling in Plants.- Calcium Along the Phloem Pathway as a Universal Trigger and Regulator of Systemic Alarms and Signals.- The Role of Volatiles in Plant-Plant Interactions.
Our view of plants is changing dramatically. Rather than being only slowly responding organisms, their signaling is often very fast and signals, both of endogenous and exogenous origin, spread throughout plant bodies rapidly. Higher plants coordinate and integrate their tissues and organs via sophisticated sensory systems, which sensitively screen both internal and external factors, feeding them information through both chemical and electrical systemic long-distance communication channels. This revolution in our understanding of higher plants started some twenty years ago with the discovery of systemin and rapid advances continue to be made. This volume captures the current 'state of the art' of this exciting topic in plant sciences.
Autor: Frantisek Baluska
ISBN-13:: 9783642439414
ISBN: 3642439411
Verlag: Springer, Berlin, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, Springer
Seiten: 419
Sprache: Englisch
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