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Autor: LD Khemani
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Chemistry of Phytopotentials: Health, Energy and Environmental Perspectives

This book covers such topics as recent techniques of extraction, isolation and structural elucidation for Natural Product Research; innovations in secondarymetabolite production; green nanotechnology; environmentally benign products and processes and more.
Chemistry of Phytopotentials: Health Perspectives.- Chemistry of Pytopotentials: Energy Perspectives.- Chemistry of Phytopotentials: Environment Perspectives.
Since the beginning of human civilization, plants have been our true companions. Plants contribute not only to our existence but also serve us through discovery, design and the treatment of various diseases where there is no satisfactory cure in modern medicine. This has focused Natural Product Chemists to unravel plants therapeutic potential in the light of modern analytical and pharmacological understandings. Presence of multiple active phytochemicals in medicinal plants offers exciting opportunity for the development of novel therapeutics, providing scientific justification for their use in traditional medicines. Non-food plants have been recognized as biofactories for the production of eco-friendly value added materials including agricultural, food products, enzymes, nutraceuticals etc. They have also been widely explored for personal care, industrial products and sources of energy generation. The proven efficacy of botanicals has been appreciated by the scientific community and strengthened plant-human relationship. The synergism in the Phytoproducts, the result of the interaction of two or more moieties, is not simply additive but multiplicative. Recent acceptance of the Food and Drug Administration (US) for herbal-medicine based preparation has renewed interest in Natural Product Research. The year 2011 is declared as the International Year of Chemistry (IYC 2011) by the United Nations Assembly. On this occasion, the present conference CPHEE 2011 aims to offer chemists from diverse areas to come to a common platform to share the knowledge and unveil the chemistry and magic potentials of phytoproducts for the mankind.
Autor: LD Khemani
ISBN-13:: 9783642441776
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Gewicht: 832g
Seiten: 382
Sprache: Englisch
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