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Autor: Josep Maria Bech Serrat
ISBN-13: 9783642442292
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Selling Tourism Services at a Distance

An Analysis of the EU Consumer Acquis
Introduction.- Information Requirements.- Right of Withdrawal.- Performance Rules.- Conclusion. Information Requirements.- Right of Withdrawal.- Performance Rules.- Conclusion.
New rules on distance contracts provided for the Consumer Rights Directive of 25 October 2011 do not apply to package holidays or contracts falling within the scope of the Timeshare Directive. Moreover, contracts for passenger transport services and contracts for the provision of accommodation, car rental, catering or leisure services if the contract provides for a specific date or period of performance are not covered by some of these rules. Yet measures aimed at protecting the consumer when a contract is concluded via the phone, the Internet, by mail or other means of distance communication play a role in tourism. This book helps readers to navigate through uncertainties in travel contracts regarding information requirements, the right of withdrawal or providing alternative services. Findings reveal that consumer acquis is inadequately adapted to the features of the tourism industry when an optional instrument based on the Draft Common Frame of Reference might be used in the future.
Autor: Josep Maria Bech Serrat
ISBN-13:: 9783642442292
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Gewicht: 330g
Seiten: 196
Sprache: Englisch
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