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Autor: Ananta Charan Sukla
ISBN-13: 9783883097114
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Art and Expression

.11, libri nigri
Contemporary Perspectives in the Occidental and Oriental Traditions
Ananta Ch. Sukla
Ananta Ch. Sukla
1. Expression as Impression
Rob Van Gerwen
2. Expression and Perception
Dale Jacquette
3. Expression and Representation
Jack Bender
4. Expression and Communication
David Goldblatt
5. Expression in Literature
V.K. Chari
6. Expression and Communication in Music
James Manns
7. Expression in Dance
Julie van Camp
8. Theatrical Expression Today
R. Nicholas and R.S. Stewart
9. Expression and Representation in Interpretation
David Fenner
10. Expression in Indian Grammatology, Linguistics
Poetics and Dramaturgy
Ananta Ch. Sukla
11. "Hyogen": The Concept of Expression in Japanese Aesthetics
Jason Wirth
12. Expression and Contemporary Chinese Aesthetics
Mary Bittner Wiseman
Ananta Ch. Sukla
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Notes on Contributors
Having lost its humanist platform in the post-Romantic era, expression still stands on its own critical merit explaining the artwork in all its genres. An international team of eminent scholars explore the multidimensional perspectives of expression in the Occidental and Oriental traditions of aesthetics and philosophy of criticism. Under a single cover the editor, Ananta Sukla, exhibits a plethora of ideas and insights expanding the horizon of our critical pursuit.
Autor: Ananta Charan Sukla
ISBN-13:: 9783883097114
ISBN: 388309711X
Verlag: Bautz
Gewicht: 612g
Seiten: 336
Sprache: Englisch
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