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Time and Tense

Basic Philosophical Concepts
Unifying the Old and the New
Bas C. van Fraassen
Milos Arsenijevic
Avoiding Logical Determinism and the Retaining Principle of Bivalence within Temporal Modal Logic: Time as a Line-in-Drawing

Allan Bäck
The Reality of the Statement and the Now in Aristotle
Hans Burkhardt
Aristotle on Memory and Remembering
and McTaggart's A-Time and B-Time Series
Stamatios Gerogiorgakis
Late Ancient Paradoxes concerning Tense Revisited
Sonja Schierbaum
Ockham on Tense and Truth
Hylarie Kochiras
Newton's Absolute Time

Christina Schneider
Monads, Perceptions, Phenomena - Leibniz on Space-Time
Oliver Thorndike
Kant's Philosophy of Time in the Transcendental Aesthetic
William Lane Craig
Bergson Was Right about Relativity (well, partly)!
Brigitte Falkenburg & Gregor Schiemann
Too Many Conceptions of Time? McTaggart's Views Revisited
Nikos Psarros
The Ontology of Time - A Phenomenological Approach
In the mid-20th century it was common to discuss philosophy of time with reference to the topics which shaped it through the centuries: future contingents, the irreversibility of the past, time as a continuum, infinitesimal time intervals, time as a relation, time as intuition etc. Bas van Fraassen's An Introduction to the Philosophy of Time and Space, published in 1970, is one of the best examples of a big scholarship which offers modern solutions for the old issues of philosophy of time.
Since then, the old issues were often overshadowed by new ones, sometimes specialized versions of the old issues, sometimes quite new: A- and B-series, multi-dimensional semantics, relativity.
This volume wants to make the reader discover (again) the value of the old issues in the philosophy of time in the attempt to understand
the new.
The contributions of internationally renowned scholars like Milos Arsenijevic, Hans Burkhardt, William Lane Craig, Brigitte Falkenburg et al. form the framework in which Bas van Fraassen draws conclusions from the history of the philosophy of time - in many senses an eventful one.
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